Aug 15, 2008

Security Status "Issues"

Update on the post:
Here's the awesome movie, enjoy.


Dont have much time to write something serious (im serving in teh armiez~!) so i'll just point that we had an epic engagement with some FW corp, they were doing an FW complex and we took them by surprise at the complex gate...

The odds were 1:6 for their advantage, but the we outgunned them anyway...
We had 2 Torp Ravens, 1 Abaddon and me myself in a Rapier...

The fight was long but rewarding, 24 kills 0 losses...
Kills as follows:

1 Sleipnir
1 Hurricane
1 Brutix
1 Griffin
1 Kestrel
1 Merlin
8 Rifters
2 Ruptures
2 Manticores
2 Thorax
1 Vexor
1 Claw

Awsome Loots:
Republic Fleet Shield Boost Amplifier - Sleipnir
around of 20k-30k of random Republic ammo
around 10k of random Caldary Navy ammo
20mil worth of salvage, and lots lost standings... im at -2.66 and dropping, not that its bad... gotta watch what system i jump into from now on XD

P.S: We frapsed the whole effin thing, be sure to check up soon for the pwnzor movie! ^_^

Tiem fur sum pirates aye?

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