Aug 10, 2008

The Little Legend

Hey there my fellow yarr-mates...
Today im going to tell you about the little legend, that made our name famous ("our name" will be explained later xD) im going to tell the tale of the little Incursus YARR Issue...
The tales starts about the time when me and my friend Kha0s searched for a viable ship to execute our "vile" doings...
we tried many a ship to fit our expectations: a good tank that can hold enough damage, enough speed to catch our juicy targets, and enough damage to actually take them out, and also a little something that will make us smile =)
So after many a night, and many a day we found it!
The Incursus YARR Issue! it was perfect, it had enough tank to sustain massive amounts of punishment (1500 armor) aswell as an awsome speed to gtfo if needed (2km/s+) and not to speak about the damage output it gave (150+ dps) and a little something was that 5m3 drone bay...
It was a success at the very first try... it was too pwny for any frigate, it was too big to hit for a cruiser, and it was impossible to kill with a bs, not to speak about the barges and the industrials that soared in hundreds...
But, everything has its own drawbacks:
*T2 Drones
Any of those presented a danger for the little one, though there were people who actually used it and lost (ahh the loosers...) but that was dangerous flying into a caracal, as you didnt knew what missiles he had; if lights, you're dead... tho if heavies, you might just pwn him =D
You dont believe a word i say, eh? xD
Try that link, thats our home corp killboard, you'll be surprised...
If you'll check what ships that little brat brought down, you'll be sitting with your jaw under your chair... (metaphore)
some epic pictures of that thing in action:

As you see, all involving a ship of large scales against it, and as you also noticed they are in structure, and i am... not.
Lets go to the intresting part, the fittings...
I'll post the exact fitting i use on my Incursus, if you lack the skills try using equvalent or similar modules, the effect will stay the same =D
The Incursus:
High Slots:
2 x Light Neutron Blaster II ---- Ammo: Caldari Navy Antimatter + Overheat(Optional)
1 x Light Ion Blaster II ---- Ammo: Caldari Navy Antimatter + Overheat(Optional)
Med Slots:
1 x Catalyzed Cold-Gas I Arcjet Thrusters
1 x X5 Prototype I Engine Enervator
1 x J5b Phased Prototype Warp Inhibitor I
Low Slots:
1 x 200mm Reinforced Rolled Tungsten Plates I
1 x Micro Auxiliary Power Core I
Drone Bay:
Hobgoblin II (Or any other t2 drone)
Hope you'll like it as much as we did back in the days of YA-RR... ^_-

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