Aug 9, 2008

Introductions First

A blog about an itty bitty pirate in the vast universe of EVE Online... oh no, im not going to explain whats eve-o... but hey check this link out if you're not familiar with the stuff:

Anyway to get started... i opened this blog to keep a track on the progress of my "vile" and "immoral" doings, and share it with others... pref. like me, they can learn alot - piracy is a seriouz buzinez! >:0!

In this blog i'll introduce you to my adventures in eve-o (as pirates just luv adventures... *if it contains a considerable amount of pew pew*) Experienced pewats will find here some tips for better gankage, a story and a good laugh... Newer players will find here advises aswell as tips, lessons (lets call it that way), fittings and many more to satisfy the pewing soul... kee

I'll start with general lulz about piracy made by my friend, here it goes:

Pirate Vocabulary Breakdown:

YARRRR: "Excuse me, but I'm afraid I will have to do something fairly brutal and perhaps entirely immoral to you. Please, accept this as a natural consequence of floating in your inferior vessel, and have a nice day."
YARRR!!!: "Greetings, I have arrived, I will do my best to shoot you and take your belongings."
ARRR: "Excuse me, but while I see your point, I must retort by opening fire on your already disabled vessel."
MWAHAHAHA: "I am delighted to see you in such an exquisite state of suffering. Please, do continue."
AAARGH!: "I am infuriated by your attempts to counter my attacks. Please, stop that."
LOL: "I find your lack of intelligence amusing. But eventually, I'm going to kill you anyways."
LMAO: "You are a rather silly person, and I'm going to kill you anyways."
ROFL: "You have brought me much joy today via your antics and disposition. Therefore, I'm going to kill you."
ZOMGHAX: "Pardon me, but due to the improbability of you having any form of equipment or tactics superior to my own, I do believe you are hacking!
PUSSY: "Confound it! He hath fitting which make it difficult for me to bring my weapons to bear."

Additions to the Pirate Dictionary

Ransom (noun) - A monetary amount or form of tradeable good that is given to a pirate with the delusion that it will somehow prevent one's own death.
Pirate (verb) - An individual who acts against basic morality, but with a sense of moral. See: paradox.
Low Sec (noun) - Where saying hello in local is a sign of weakness.
Carebear (verb) - Anyone but the person using the term
BLARRRRGH! (phrase) - A combination of Blah and Arrrgh. A very usefull word in any circumstance, particularly when you dont know what the hell else to say.
OOPS! (phrase) - Usually describes a recent, ill-considered action, which may well result in imminent demise.

Hope you'll have a good read in future, and learn something usefull... as i will be swarming this blog very, very soon ^_-

Take care, Huli.

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