Sep 13, 2008

Real Life? What's that?

Heya everybody,
Sorry for not posting alot, didnt had the time...

Im serving in teh army, and we have so much to do lately so i barely visit home, and the times i visit home i spend my time on gurlz and burz, so no time for eve...

This will change very soon as we're going to finish our task, and i'll post something worth reading in the coming week =)

So keep up the good work meanwhile and try to stay updated...

Pirately yourz

Aug 17, 2008

Feast and Famine

It is always like that... Sometimes you win, sometimes you loose... That's how it works.
You can't win all the time, as you cant loose all the time, you have your good times and bad times...

So in piracy... sometimes its a feast, sometimes famine...

The day started in Tash-Murkon.
I was flying one of my Incursus' into the local belts to find a fit, juicy target, and as a matter of fact i found a Maller mining into a can, looked very suspicious as he had only 1 mining laser and 4 small lasers... it was a trap eventually, but i was ragedrunk and bloodthirst...

I enagegd as soon as i got webbed and pointed, for least of my surprise a Nemesis apeared and finished me in 2 volleys, yes yes 2 volleys XD
It was the 4th i lost these 2 weeks, really got up my nerve...

While flying around Tash-Murkon area (mainly Tash-Murkon system itself) i stumbled upon a so called "celebrity" in our ranks, a guy named skythos, did many a mistake calling pirates "dump" and claiming we are useless entities of space...

He was "mining" (or was he without the ""? 0_o) whatever he was doing his Vexor was named "Mining Vexor" it does sounds suspicious, but hey, after reading what he writes in local, and judging by his intelectual value it was no trap, it was human stupidity...

I fittted myself a new Vexor and set my destination to the belt he was mining at.
The service was done prefectly, as soon as the new Yarr Cargo Container MKII was ejected the ores were safely transported into their new spaceholder...

He wasnt happy, so he warped out to bring his fighting setup and and by the way, it worked for him.... he almost got me, tho i saved myself using ecm drones... (thx my little ones ~<3) style="COLOR: rgb(0,102,0)">Famine:
Not long ago we joined an alliance, and thus came the 0.0 days...
You know when you do something for a long time and you already got used to it, and its very hard to change if the need comes suddenly?
Same happened to me, warped to the wrong place, in the wrong system, with the wrong guys at the gate i warped to...
Lost my Rapier in process... 200mil as they never were... bu the thing is not the isk, but the 6 months i flew it almost non stop XD Its a well fitted versatile ship that can be very deadly if used right, and she proved me that...
Now we need to buy a new one, oh well =]

Didn't expected it, oh no how could i? to offer a 1v1 against a faction cruiser and to hear that godly "Yes"?! i was thinking someone was playing a prank on me as usual they do, while using factions, but for my great surprise he showed up for the fight...
An Ashimmu against a Vexor, it all started in a random local conversation if the Ashimmu can take on any cruiser,well, we tested it =]

He indeed neuted me to hell, and kept me webbed and pointed, but he did low to none damage, on my side i was neuted to hell, unable to move or warp, but, packed a massive punch in my 5 Valkyres II, they ripped through his armor pretty fast even with his cap superiority...

The fight ended me being in 2/3 of my 7k armor, and him, oh well... a pod...
The loot was awsome aswell: a Dark Blood Cap Recharger and a few more t2 mods...

Props to this pilot, Callis Iqnatius, for bringing it! it was a fight well done.

After this fight i got convoed by Callis and another pilot, Lauren Phoenix, that asked for a 1v1 aswell... how can i decline such a tempting offer...
Further down the conversation we got that we were living in teh same country actually, clssics...

Another fight, now its a Blackbird against my Vexor, and another fight well done. He was nicely tanked, and did not used ECM, instead he was using a very solid shield tank (he took down 15k damage before going down)... that is an idea i should carry on and test it...
And again props for Lauren Phoenix for showing up for that fight =]

No photo available, sorry =[ forgot to take screenies...

As of you guys... try your best to stay in your ships, clones, stations and posses... "for you a loss may be famine... for someone its a feast"
Good luck out there guys...

till my next post,
Piratley Yours, Huli.

Aug 15, 2008

Security Status "Issues"

Update on the post:
Here's the awesome movie, enjoy.


Dont have much time to write something serious (im serving in teh armiez~!) so i'll just point that we had an epic engagement with some FW corp, they were doing an FW complex and we took them by surprise at the complex gate...

The odds were 1:6 for their advantage, but the we outgunned them anyway...
We had 2 Torp Ravens, 1 Abaddon and me myself in a Rapier...

The fight was long but rewarding, 24 kills 0 losses...
Kills as follows:

1 Sleipnir
1 Hurricane
1 Brutix
1 Griffin
1 Kestrel
1 Merlin
8 Rifters
2 Ruptures
2 Manticores
2 Thorax
1 Vexor
1 Claw

Awsome Loots:
Republic Fleet Shield Boost Amplifier - Sleipnir
around of 20k-30k of random Republic ammo
around 10k of random Caldary Navy ammo
20mil worth of salvage, and lots lost standings... im at -2.66 and dropping, not that its bad... gotta watch what system i jump into from now on XD

P.S: We frapsed the whole effin thing, be sure to check up soon for the pwnzor movie! ^_^

Tiem fur sum pirates aye?

Aug 10, 2008

The Little Legend

Hey there my fellow yarr-mates...
Today im going to tell you about the little legend, that made our name famous ("our name" will be explained later xD) im going to tell the tale of the little Incursus YARR Issue...
The tales starts about the time when me and my friend Kha0s searched for a viable ship to execute our "vile" doings...
we tried many a ship to fit our expectations: a good tank that can hold enough damage, enough speed to catch our juicy targets, and enough damage to actually take them out, and also a little something that will make us smile =)
So after many a night, and many a day we found it!
The Incursus YARR Issue! it was perfect, it had enough tank to sustain massive amounts of punishment (1500 armor) aswell as an awsome speed to gtfo if needed (2km/s+) and not to speak about the damage output it gave (150+ dps) and a little something was that 5m3 drone bay...
It was a success at the very first try... it was too pwny for any frigate, it was too big to hit for a cruiser, and it was impossible to kill with a bs, not to speak about the barges and the industrials that soared in hundreds...
But, everything has its own drawbacks:
*T2 Drones
Any of those presented a danger for the little one, though there were people who actually used it and lost (ahh the loosers...) but that was dangerous flying into a caracal, as you didnt knew what missiles he had; if lights, you're dead... tho if heavies, you might just pwn him =D
You dont believe a word i say, eh? xD
Try that link, thats our home corp killboard, you'll be surprised...
If you'll check what ships that little brat brought down, you'll be sitting with your jaw under your chair... (metaphore)
some epic pictures of that thing in action:

As you see, all involving a ship of large scales against it, and as you also noticed they are in structure, and i am... not.
Lets go to the intresting part, the fittings...
I'll post the exact fitting i use on my Incursus, if you lack the skills try using equvalent or similar modules, the effect will stay the same =D
The Incursus:
High Slots:
2 x Light Neutron Blaster II ---- Ammo: Caldari Navy Antimatter + Overheat(Optional)
1 x Light Ion Blaster II ---- Ammo: Caldari Navy Antimatter + Overheat(Optional)
Med Slots:
1 x Catalyzed Cold-Gas I Arcjet Thrusters
1 x X5 Prototype I Engine Enervator
1 x J5b Phased Prototype Warp Inhibitor I
Low Slots:
1 x 200mm Reinforced Rolled Tungsten Plates I
1 x Micro Auxiliary Power Core I
Drone Bay:
Hobgoblin II (Or any other t2 drone)
Hope you'll like it as much as we did back in the days of YA-RR... ^_-

Aug 9, 2008

Introductions First

A blog about an itty bitty pirate in the vast universe of EVE Online... oh no, im not going to explain whats eve-o... but hey check this link out if you're not familiar with the stuff:

Anyway to get started... i opened this blog to keep a track on the progress of my "vile" and "immoral" doings, and share it with others... pref. like me, they can learn alot - piracy is a seriouz buzinez! >:0!

In this blog i'll introduce you to my adventures in eve-o (as pirates just luv adventures... *if it contains a considerable amount of pew pew*) Experienced pewats will find here some tips for better gankage, a story and a good laugh... Newer players will find here advises aswell as tips, lessons (lets call it that way), fittings and many more to satisfy the pewing soul... kee

I'll start with general lulz about piracy made by my friend, here it goes:

Pirate Vocabulary Breakdown:

YARRRR: "Excuse me, but I'm afraid I will have to do something fairly brutal and perhaps entirely immoral to you. Please, accept this as a natural consequence of floating in your inferior vessel, and have a nice day."
YARRR!!!: "Greetings, I have arrived, I will do my best to shoot you and take your belongings."
ARRR: "Excuse me, but while I see your point, I must retort by opening fire on your already disabled vessel."
MWAHAHAHA: "I am delighted to see you in such an exquisite state of suffering. Please, do continue."
AAARGH!: "I am infuriated by your attempts to counter my attacks. Please, stop that."
LOL: "I find your lack of intelligence amusing. But eventually, I'm going to kill you anyways."
LMAO: "You are a rather silly person, and I'm going to kill you anyways."
ROFL: "You have brought me much joy today via your antics and disposition. Therefore, I'm going to kill you."
ZOMGHAX: "Pardon me, but due to the improbability of you having any form of equipment or tactics superior to my own, I do believe you are hacking!
PUSSY: "Confound it! He hath fitting which make it difficult for me to bring my weapons to bear."

Additions to the Pirate Dictionary

Ransom (noun) - A monetary amount or form of tradeable good that is given to a pirate with the delusion that it will somehow prevent one's own death.
Pirate (verb) - An individual who acts against basic morality, but with a sense of moral. See: paradox.
Low Sec (noun) - Where saying hello in local is a sign of weakness.
Carebear (verb) - Anyone but the person using the term
BLARRRRGH! (phrase) - A combination of Blah and Arrrgh. A very usefull word in any circumstance, particularly when you dont know what the hell else to say.
OOPS! (phrase) - Usually describes a recent, ill-considered action, which may well result in imminent demise.

Hope you'll have a good read in future, and learn something usefull... as i will be swarming this blog very, very soon ^_-

Take care, Huli.